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Raleigh Triangle Local and Business News

  • 'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter flies 5.4 times as high

    LeVar Burton’s Kickstarter to bring “Reading Rainbow” into the 21st century closed yesterday with $5.4 million. The campaign launched at the end of May, reaching its initial goal of $1 million in a half day. In the 36 days since then, the fundraiser was supported by 105,857 backers—the most ever on the platform—and rose to the fifth-most-funded project in the company’s five-year history.

    Fans, celebs and rivals alike rallied for the cause in the final stretch, with all four of Kickstarter’s…

  • Bitcoin prince Adam Draper brings buzz to Raleigh's Cryptolina

    Venture capitalist Tim Draper is getting a lot of ink this week. He just won that $19 million take of confiscated bitcoins that law enforcement seized from Silk Road.

    And Cryptolina – a local conference aimed at spreading the Bitcoin mantra– is in prime position to capitalize on that buzz. That’s because Tim Draper’s son Adam, an established Bitcoin investor who could be the real benefactor of the auction, is one of Cryptolina’s headliners.

    Organizer Faruk Okcetin says he got lucky.


  • Raleigh's Paragon Bank parent announces stock split

    Raleigh-based Paragon Commercial Corporation, parent company of Paragon Commercial Bank, is trying to increase the liquidity of its shares in advance of an OTC debut.

    The company recently began the process to receive a ticker symbol so that its stock can be traded on the “over-the-counter” market.

    On Wednesday, the firm announced it has authorized a 125-for-1 stock split for shareholders – a move aimed at bringing the stock price to a level more attractive to investors.

    “Since our charter…

  • Futuristic transit system coming to Hillsborough Street

    The idea started back in November 2013. Two North Carolina State University engineers realized they wanted to fill a gap in transit at the university.

    And now, with the collaboration of the university and outside sources, colleagues Seth Hollar and Marshall Brain are in the early stages of developing a privately funded transit system, EcoPRT, which would start on N.C. State’s campus and extend outward.

    The two colleagues have designed the transit system so that it will encourage nearby shopping…

  • Durham marketing start-up Neurospire tackles ADHD

    Two years ago, then Duke University student Jake Stauch presented a unique approach to marketing focus groups – a device with sensors for your head that could record your reaction when you watch a commercial.

    Stauch said at the time – presenting at ACC entrepreneurship competition Startup Madness – that his company, Neurospire, would change the way marketing decisions are determined.

    And Wednesday, two years later, he’s licensed his “neuromarketing” software platform to companies in…