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Raleigh Triangle Local and Business News

  • Why Hire a Junk Removal Company?

    Unwanted junk takes many shapes, from lawn debris to early electronic equipment to plain old trash. Without warning, houses colonized by collected trash can become cramped and unlivable, leaving many homeowners asking, “Where did all of this come from?” Thankfully, junk removal companies are experts at uncluttering houses and leaving you with a likewise clutter-free. The whole junk thing – it happens. If you’ve lived anywhere for more than a few years, you’ve probably experienced it already. Even something as simple as a spare bedroom can quickly become the “junk room”.  The guys over at Junk Doctors are EXPERTS at getting your home cleaned out quickly and reliably and have a long record of GREAT service in the Raleigh area and beyond – NC Junk Removal!  Give them a call for anywhere in the Triangle or Triad area or anywhere nearby!

  • Governor signs economic-development partnership bill into law

    It’s official: Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday signed legislation approved last week to split the economic-development functions of the North Carolina Department of Commerce into a private, nonprofit corporation.

    The bill sets in motion a plan that McCrory and Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker introduced more than a year ago that would contract with a private organization, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, to privatize many of the Commerce Department’s functions related to recruitment…

  • Food Lion parent Delhaize names Kevin Holt its North American CEO

    Food Lion parent Delhaize Group (NYSE:DEG) has named Kevin Holt as chief executive for its North American operations, effective July 7.

    He will oversee Delhaize America, the U.S. division of the Belgian international food retailer.

    Holt was formerly president of retail operations at SuperValu Inc. (NYSE:SVU). He also will become a member of Delhaize Group’s executive committee.

    The post has been vacant for roughly nine months after then-CEO Roland Smith resigned following a management shakeup.


  • ​Homeownership for millennials to rise faster in N.C. than other states

    First-time buyers are struggling – but in North Carolina, a cheaper cost of living and a slew of job opportunities means home ownership rates for millennials will likely rise faster than in other states.

    Broadly speaking, some states are doing a better job than others at attracting young workers – and North Carolina happens to be one of them, says Diana Carew, an economist at the Progressive Policy Institute.

    “That’s because they’ve got great apprenticeship programs, the Research Triangle,…

  • PintLabs' exit story begins with a pint of Lonerider

    It all started with a pint of Lonerider Brewing Co.’s Shotgun Betty.

    That’s what Jason Austin, co-founder of Raleigh-based PintLabs tells me.

    PintLabs, acquired today by Indiana beer tech SteadyServ, started on that Lonerider porch, really, when Austin got his first taste of “actually really good beer.”

    “I liked beer, but I wasn’t into the craft beer scene too much,” he says. But that changed with his Lonerider experience. “From that point on, I was really interested in it.”