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Raleigh Triangle Local and Business News

  • BioCryst snags $1.9M for antiviral candidate

    BioCryst’s antiviral candidate got a federal boost today.

    The Durham-based company, which is developing an antiviral dubbed BCX4430, had already partnered with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, receiving an initial award of $5 million last September. As part of an amended agreement – the NIAID released an additional $1.89 million for the drug’s development. Specifically, the NIAID has teamed up with BioCryst to develop an IV formulation of the drug.

    If all contract…

  • Raleigh craftsmanship and products featured at new visitor center for medieval Stonehenge

    There’s now a little token of Raleigh present at Stonehenge, the English medieval monument that has spurred debate for hundreds of years over the standing stones’ origins.

    The caretakers of Stonehenge this year opened a new visitor center building valued at $46 million, and they chose Umicore Building Products to supply the zinc composit panels for the underside soffit of its roof.

    Umicore and its VMZInc subsidiary have their North American headquarters in Raleigh.

    And it could be argued that…

  • Natty Greene’s: Anheuser-Busch challenge is 'unfounded'

    When UNC-Greensboro roommates Kayne Fisher and Chris Lester founded Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. in 2004, they never dreamed they’d be facing a trademark challenge by one of the largest brewing companies in the world.

    But that’s exactly what happened this week when Anheuser-Busch InBev — the Belgium-based parent company of Anheuser-Busch Cos., which brews in St. Louis — filed a challenge to the Greensboro brewery’s trademark application for “Natty Greene’s.”

    “In no way did we ever think…

  • Men: Can't quit smoking? Combining treatments could be the answer

    Male chain smokers looking to kick the habit once and for all could benefit from combining two cessation treatments, says new research from Duke Medicine.

    More than 60 percent of men who were “highly dependent” on nicotine were able to successfully quit smoking using a combination of varenicline and bupropion compared to just 14 percent who took only varenicline, said Jed Rose, the study’s lead author, in a release. Rose serves as director of the Duke Center for Smoking Cessation.

    The two…

  • Black Wall Street: A legacy in downtown Durham

    Nestled in the heart of downtown Durham, you’ll notice some historic signs framing the Parrish Street.

    Don’t ignore them.

    Parrish Street, see, isn’t just a fledgling innovation district in Bull City.

    It’s part of its cultural legacy, the locale that used to be called “Black Wall Street.”

    And it’s the topic of a lengthy project that became this week’s centerpiece– a look at institutions such as Mechanics & Farmers Bank that gave Durham early prominence.

    For more than a hundred…