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Raleigh Triangle Local and Business News

  • Alas poor XP, I knew him…

    An OS of infinite jest, of most excellent utile: he hath borne me on his back hundreds of thousands of times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! It is with great sorrow, I must start bidding my old friend, Windows XP, goodbye. BTW, so sorry William Shakespeare for skewering (though I controlled […]

  • Testing WordFence Falcon Caching Engine

    I was adding a post to a site with a third-party app and ran up on a “xml-rpc services are disabled on this site” message when I tried to post.  Odd.  I thought XML-RPC was ENABLED by default and we no longer really had the easy opportunity to shut it off.  I know I didn’t […]

  • Make it stand out in the SERPs

    Get those rich snippets to work to your SEO benefit.  With ajust a few minutes of work, you at least have a shot at getting your pic to show up next to the search engine listing for YOUR company! To the detriment of all that snippety goodness, recent chatter is going around that Google may start […]

  • Dell Computer Repair in Raleigh NC

    Do we do Dells in the Raleigh NC area?  You betcha.  I’ve always personally been a fan of Dell computers since WAY back in mid-90s when I was a systems admin at the near pretty much defunct Nortel.  Back in those days, I was in charge of the technical side of rolling out several hundred […]

  • Local Listings and Schema Markup

    Anyone who follows the Lizardwebs blog (or sees these p […]